In the periphery

cred: irmelin.

I was informed that the community previously residing in Y were resettled to X, located a bit west of the Old Road. To reach X one needs to take a bus some 40 minutes from M to B, where the public transport stops. From the market area of B you would need to hire a private car or a motorbike to reach X. And from where the car stops, you might have to walk an additional 20 minutes to reach your destination. It is not easy to reach X.

X is a curious place on the periphery of the city, both “peripheral” in the normative understanding, yet simultaneously a “core” area.

X is subject to humanitarian and developmental interventions and enforcements, as well as governmental policing of various kinds. Buildings are being moved or restructured, sold or demolished. International architecture schools have paid close attention to the situation in X, and together with housing organisations collaborated on different projects. Thus, X is the centre of attention.

/Field notes from Gällivare and Dar es Salaam




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