efter naturen

Alltså, jag älskar helt okritiskt W.G. Sebalds bok After Nature!
Nu finns den inte på svenska tyvärr, så det blir ett litet urklipp på det engelska språket istället...


Unending flights
of screeching birds, which skimmed
low over the water,
from afar resembled
drifting islands. Whales
rotated around the ship, emitting
water-sprouts high into the air
in all directions of the compass.
Chamisso, who later marvelled at
the same spectacular sight
on the Romanzov expedition,
was led to think that perhaps
these animals could be tamed
and - no different from geese
on a stubble-field - herded
with a rod, as it were, on the sea.
Bring up the young in a fjord, he wrote,
fasten a spike belt buoyed up by
air-bladders under their pectoral fins,
let them unlearn their submersions,
make experiments. Whether the whale is
then to draw or to carry,
whether and how it is harnessed
or laden, how it is bridled
or otherwise governed, and who is to be the
mahout of this water-elephant - all this
will settle itself in time. Chamisso,
it is true, also writes
of the steam engine as
the first warm-blooded animal
created by humankind.

« After Nature, W.G. Sebald. Penguin, 2003: pp. 59-60


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